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  • Thanks Naomi, myself and the family all had a great time yesterday. We really appreciate you making the trip out to meet is early on a Saturday at our favorite park. It definitely made it easy to get the children to relax and be playful for the shots. Can't wait to see the final cuts!

    James Forman Avatar
    James Forman

    Naomi is a talented photographer who has produced some of our all time favourite family photos. She made us and our children feel comfortable and relaxed, which shone through in the final images. Thank you for capturing these precious memories for us!

    Linda B Avatar
    Linda B

    Second time we are doing family photoshoot with Naomi and second time we are impressed with the result! Incredible images! Naomi has a talent for catching very special moments and emotions that open up the nature of each individual and the relationship between family members. As well Naomi invests a lot of effort in picking the best images for the photo book that tells a story. Looking forward to seeing our second printed book ?

    YuM Designs Avatar
    YuM Designs

    I had so much fun during my recent newborn photography session with Naomi. Throughout the session, she remained professional, patient and relaxed (which is always helpful when working with newborns!) In addition… she knows how to take a great photo!

    I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to get newborn/family photos done. She provided an exceptional level of service from start to finish and I was so happy with the end result!!!

    Alexandra Giles Avatar
    Alexandra Giles

    We have used Naomi twice now to do our family photography, once in October 2019 and most recently in December 2022. Have been very happy with the results.

    Our mandate to her was to capture the beautiful bonding family shots, cute and silly shots of our kids, and she has delivered.

    Naomi is not cheap but she is worth it.

    Mary Zhu Avatar
    Mary Zhu

    Naomi warmly welcomed our family to her beautiful home and studio, her bubbly personality allowing our teen girls to relax and be all aspects of themselves. And this was gorgeous - Naomi ensured that she captured the full spectrum of teen emotions typically experienced within an hour - we loved the shots that captured our girls' grown up, independent, confident presence, but also the ones reflecting moments of shyness and self-consciousness. The fun was pervasive - smiles, laughter, family jokes and the ice breaker created by Naomi's gentle (but slightly naughty) dogs - but there were also special, more serious moments that reinforced the importance of 'bottling up' our growing daughters' childhood and youth in a powerful, beautiful photographic record. Professional photography is an investment - one in which our family is underweight - and Naomi's connection with our girls and diligence in her art made this a special experience for our family. We only regret that our Mini Pinscher was unwell at the time of the shoot and not able to join the fun. Thank you Naomi for the wonderful photographs.

    Laura Sheridan Mouton Avatar
    Laura Sheridan Mouton

    We had the pleasure of having Naomi photograph our family for my fathers 80th birthday and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the end photographs, which captured beautifully the momentous occasion. We are more than pleased with the end product.

    sommers ronen Avatar
    sommers ronen

    We had a terrific experience with Naomi. She took the time to really understand what we were looking for and her amazing eye for detail became immediately apparent when guiding us through our shots, which all turned-out sensational. In addition to her studio being top-notch, she is highly experienced and very accommodating when it comes photoshoots with young children.

    Andrew Singh Avatar
    Andrew Singh

    Naomi went above and beyond to fit us in last minute for a traditional family photo. So friendly and welcoming, made it a relaxing environment to capture these special photos. The quality of the photos are amazing and so natural. Highly recommend.

    A LL Avatar
    A LL

    Naomi has an artful eye for capturing special moments. She was great with the kids and generous with her time during the shoot and selection of pictures.

    Helen Maher Avatar
    Helen Maher

    We rarely do photo sessions like this and as a camera-shy but picky family we were definitely a handful. Naomi was very patient and very invested in bringing out our fun sides for the pics. The photo book turned out great! A very memorable experience & perfect birthday gift for dad.

    Anlai Wei Avatar
    Anlai Wei

    Naomi took some lovely studio photos of the family. The editing was fab and really brought out the kids’ personalities

    Brendan McMullan Avatar
    Brendan McMullan

    My wife & I took our newborn daughter for a shoot & we couldn’t have asked for a better photographer to capture those beautiful moments.
    Naomi is professional, patient, kind & down to earth. She has a excellent ability to set the tone for your shoot & is a gracious host.
    Thank you Naomi!

    Leki Mafoe Avatar
    Leki Mafoe

    Had a great morning with Naomi. Has a great eye and way with kids and parents alike. Very patient and professional.

    James Doumani Avatar
    James Doumani

    We had our fur family photo shoot this morning. It was such a fun experience for both of us as parents plus our two fur kids. With our eldest pooch Charlie just turning 15, we feel that Naomi fully captured incredible photos that show the love between us and our boys Charlie and Max. The shots were brilliant and will give us lifetime memories of our family all together! I would highly recommend Naomi, she was an absolute gem to work with and produced exceptional shots for us to choose from!! Thanks for making our morning so special ?

    Penny Meakes Avatar
    Penny Meakes

    Naomi took very natural and candid photos of my family, pets and I as well as good quality portraits. The shoot at the beach allowed a lot of range in photo types. The retouching was also excellent and not overdone. I'm glad I'll have these photos to look back on.

    Peta Somerville Avatar
    Peta Somerville

    We had a great experience with Naomi at our family beach photoshoot. We wanted to recreate a photo from 20 years ago at the same spot at Gordon’s Bay, and Naomi nailed it perfectly! She was encouraging of candid interactions and managed to get my 20-something year old brothers smiling (who were not thrilled about being awake so early on a Saturday morning). We were given unlimited time to review the images at Naomi’s studio after the shoot and did not feel rushed to make selections. I’ll definitely be recommending Naomi to family and friends.

    Charlotte Bassett Avatar
    Charlotte Bassett

    We had an amazing morning with Naomi capturing our 2 poochies. Could not recommend this experience more and we have been blown away with the end results. If you have ever wanted to capture memories on forever give Naomi a call.

    leigh kuhlmann Avatar
    leigh kuhlmann

    We ask for the stars but received the moon. Experienced, thoughtful, consultative, patient and understanding. Naomi is a PRO. A friendly reminder, give her time to work her magic as she takes her work to heart to achieve the photos that captures the moment, emotion and personality. Highly recommend if you are looking beyond a “photograph” but something with character and class. Thank you Naomi for making this an enjoyable experience with my family. Look forward to our next shoot.

    Kenneth Lo Avatar
    Kenneth Lo

    Just did a photo shoot with the family (including our much loved dog Boo, which Naomi encouraged us to bring) and we had great experience with Naomi. She was professional, able to provide guidence on what would work best for us and made the experience fun for all (even the husband!). The photos capture memories for a lifetime 🙂

    Jo Karabin Avatar
    Jo Karabin

    I had the pleasure of working with Naomi for the second time. She was incredibly accommodating especially with working around the schedule of 3 young children. Naomi did a wonderful job at capturing beautiful images of our family.

    georgina markwick Avatar
    georgina markwick

    Naomi took some great family portraits for our album and Christmas card this year. Beautiful light. Great sense of framing, contrasts and fun.

    Ed S Avatar
    Ed S

    We had a wonderful outdoor beach photo shoot with Naomi, she was very professional and friendly. This is the first time getting a photo shoot with my boys and my parents and Naomi has captured the moment and the memories for many years to cherish. Although it was raining Naomi made the photo shoot possible and with beautiful results. The photos were absolutely stunning and natural... exactly what I was looking for. Naomi was also very patient and helpful with helping us select all the photos we wanted. I would definitely recommend Naomi if you need family photos taken.... she is amazing! Thank you Naomi!!

    JanC Avatar

    My family had a wonderful outdoor photo-shoot experience with Naomi. She was very patient with us and we got some stunning shots! I highly recommend Naomi Hamilton Photography.

    Anastasia Lau Avatar
    Anastasia Lau
  • A great family experience at yesterday’s photo shoot with Naomi Hamilton. She made us all very relaxed and it became a really enjoyable session. If you’re looking for a family photographer look no further!

    Stephen Trickey Avatar
    Stephen Trickey

    Naomi has the ability to capture ‘moments’ like no other. She is extremely professional and a very talented photographer. Her photos are timeless. This is our second time using Naomi’s photography service and will return for more! She made the whole family (including puppy!) feel very comfortable and the process from beginning to end was seamless. Thanks Naomi, we love your work!

    Adelyn Nguyen Avatar
    Adelyn Nguyen

    This was our first photo shoot as a family, and we couldn't be happier with the outcome. Naomi was patient and professional, and the outcome is fantastic. With young kids and a dog in the mix, I expected chaos, but we were guided carefully and thoughtfully, and the photos are amazing.

    Chris Ericoli Avatar
    Chris Ericoli

    Naomi did our first ever mum and son photo shoot not long ago,the photos have blown me away,my expectations i had for these photos have been even better then what i ever could of imagined,she took her time with me,and was so patient and gentle with my 4 year old son,the photos will be forever treasured by me.
    If you are looking for someone that is professional and can take the most beautiful pictures to look back on later in time she is your women! I highly recommend any one in the east to go to her,you will not regret it! Thank you so much Naomi.

    Hannah Lucas Avatar
    Hannah Lucas

    This is our third year family photos taken by Naomi. She is more than a photographer! She always takes care of our photo shoot and a lot of ideas which has impressed with a lot of joy and happiness. We have changed different themes every year. We often read the albums with the kids and could not believe my kids have been brought up under her camera. Appreciated with Naomi's help. You have done a good job. Can‘t wait for our next shoot. Cheers

    Eva Wang Avatar
    Eva Wang

    We were so happy with our family shoot and the beautiful photos that Naomi captured of our family. It wasn't easy working with 3 children, unpredictable weather, bluebottles and sand issues at the beach, but Naomi, being such an experienced and professional photographer, made it all work nice and smoothly. Thank you Naomi for your patience, creativity, professionalism and hard work. The family photography session was a great experience and the memorable moments you have captured in your photography will be truly treasured forever.

    Sara Wunderwald Avatar
    Sara Wunderwald

    Naomi did an incredible job capturing the true essence of our family during our family photo shoot. Given her extensive experience behind the camera she really understands people and who they are and captures them in their truest most magical and authentic moments. The photos were just stunning and we are so very grateful for her hard work. A true professional! Thank you!!

    Catherine Avatar

    Naomi coordinated a difficult shoot for us last month and the results were terrific.
    She took the time to learn what each family was after (there were 3 families!) and was relaxed and patient when dealing with 4 children under 5. We appreciate her attention to detail and patience from the start of the process to the very end. Thanks again!

    Adam Reilly Avatar
    Adam Reilly

    Naomi was wonderful capturing my two girls with some magical moments that I can now cherish forever. Thanks for your patience Naomi as 1 and 3 years old are not the easiest ages to get to follow instructions. Yet the photos are beautiful and natural. Very happy!

    senta vonck Avatar
    senta vonck

    Naomi Hamilton Photography: professional studio photography, with a natural and warm-hearted ambience.

    My family and I (all together 7 members, spanning 3 generations) had a 2 hour shoot with the lovely Naomi on 8 February 2020. First off, Naomi is a skilled photographer, who really knows her craft and how to put her clients in the right mood to get quality images. She cares a lot about the result, and about getting the right feel for each family. We had a fun time, despite having two restless kids, flipping around in the studio, the time flew by. So if you have the young kids, would definitely recommend Naomi, she can bring out the most introverted child, and calm down the most rambunctious ones.

    We narrowed down photos on the day, which can be long, when 2 or 3 members are picking favourites. But overall, we were glad to have done it then and there. Will definitely be coming back for future photo shoots. 4.5

    Dianne Villaret Avatar
    Dianne Villaret

    We had a wonderful photo shoot with Naomi for our little man Jacob. At 7 weeks old he was a little unsettled and so we had to be quite adaptable to his mood during our session. Naomi was very accommodating and made us feel very welcome and relaxed! She captured some beautiful shots of our baby boy and we look forward to receiving the pictures we ordered as we will be displaying them in our brand new home! Would 100% recommend Naomi to anyone looking for a newborn photo shoot. The environment was great, the allocated time was suitable and the overall session was a positive experience!

    Vanessa Gallina Avatar
    Vanessa Gallina

    My four kids and I went to Naomi for a family photo shoot last year. I don't normally write reviews but every time I look at those photos, they put a smile on my face and warm up my heart. Naomi captured the individuality of each kid and our family dynamic so well. It's priceless to be able to keep these memories forever. Thank you Naomi.

    W Chow Avatar
    W Chow

    Naomi's work is magic! Her photos looked alive and dynamic, the antithesis to those awfully awkward pictures that come to mind when you say "family portrait time". We incorporated the Coogee cliffs and the striations gave her photos a beautiful, dream-like backdrop. 100% will recommend to friends!

    Erica Lehm Avatar
    Erica Lehm

    Me, my wife and two-year-old son had a great shoot with Naomi at her studio. She was very accommodating in rescheduling our original appointment which we had to cancel as our son got sick. Naomi did a really excellent job in getting our son to relax in front of the camera and was able to take some really candid, affectionate shots of our family. She was patient and flexible in going through the culling process, and we recently picked up a beautiful photo book containing the selected images which we will treasure. We were very happy with the overall experience and the quality of the final product.

    Kim Edwards Avatar
    Kim Edwards

    We had a shoot with Naomi earlier today and I have to say it was a great experience. She was so relaxed with myself and my wife as well as the baby and really took her time with us (even though my wife got the appointment wrong by half an hour). We also enjoyed being able to take the time to view the images after - which turned out amazingly and we cannot wait to see the finished products! Thanks Naomi, we will definitely be back in future!

    David Brown Avatar
    David Brown

    We were looking for a professional photographer to take photos of our young family following the birth of our son. We asked a number of friends and Naomi was suggested by multiple people. We just finished our session earlier today and we do not doubt that we made the right decision. Naomi was fabulous. She took time to understand what we wanted and then with the shoot. She didn’t rush anything and spent considerable time with us after the shoot finished, going through each photo and making sure that the best were chosen for our album. We never felt that we were being dictated to - but rather then she was working to make sure that we achieved exactly what we wanted. No hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to others.

    Michael Mantis Avatar
    Michael Mantis

    We had an incredible experience with Naomi, her photos exceeded all expectations. She puts you at ease, is very professional and gives you guidance to get the best shots. The result were fantastic and we will be using her services again in the future.

    Faye Bainbridge Avatar
    Faye Bainbridge

    I was looking for a photo session for my baby twins my wife and our dog. I base a lot of choices and my research from google reviews. I was blow away. Naomi was very professional and I loved her work. This was exactly what I was looking for. A fantastic gift for my Family to remember our time in Sydney. Thank you Naomi

    Adam Marques Avatar
    Adam Marques

    thank you so much for capturing such special moments of our family! cannot recommend Naomi enough - such perfect photos that really show the characters of our babies. thank you a million times over!

    Samantha Marques Avatar
    Samantha Marques

    Highly recommend Naomi ! Her work is amazing
    she was just so wonderful with the kids we had lots of fun she is so patient & professional.
    Best of all the photo’s are awesome !
    She is the bomb?

    Clean 3 Avatar
    Clean 3

    Naomi provides a great, intimate space for capturing beautiful, family portraits. We were made to feel right at home, and Naomi was very generous with her time. The process was fluid and easy, and we were thrilled with the final photos. We’d love to work with Naomi again.

    Stuart Troy Avatar
    Stuart Troy

    We recently had a family photo shoot with Naomi. She was very patient with my 4 month old grandson Conor and his puppy Millie. It was a very relaxed environment. Naomi is a very experienced and professional photographer. We were so happy with the way the photos turned out. I would definitely recommend Naomi.

    Carol H Avatar
    Carol H

    Highly recommend. Naomi was lovely to deal with and she made us feel comfortable and relaxed during the shoot. More importantly, however, the photographs are stunning with natural, beautiful use of light.

    Chaz Heitner Avatar
    Chaz Heitner

    A calm, relaxed and patient atmosphere as Naomi took some amazing photo's. For a family and pet shoot, this is what was needed and worked brilliantly. I especially liked how Naomi took the time to ensure that the photo's met both her and our expectation.

    Michael Masiello Avatar
    Michael Masiello
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