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At first we discuss with you the sort of images you have in mind and the feel and location of the photo shoot, then the date and hrs needed to give the coverage you would like.

With special events we like to build a beautiful story capturing those irreplaceable moments in vivacious documentary style portraits of your special occasion. Naomi is immersed in her events as she does every shoot observing and interacting with warm direction when needed to create your personal story.. that will be a family treasure for many years to come.

Have a look through the gallery to get a feel for the type of images you are drawn to and let us know when you contact us or book your photo shoot.

Your photo session can take from 2hrs to 12 hours if it is for a Sydney special event. It’s really up to you. Be assured we take a large range of shots to cover a plentiful array of images.

All shots are taken with a high-end digital SLR camera.
Like the sound of things so far?

or email us to discuss your ideas and any queries you may have and we’ll reply within the day.

Alternatively surprise a loved one or friend with a family photography gift voucher, a personal gift of images they will treasure for years to come.

Special event image viewing is usually done on a different day to your event.

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