What to Bring

Be Organised

As we’d like you to feel fresh and confident to look and feel your best, get a good night’s sleep the night before and be organised with clothing choices the day prior to the shoot. Aim to leave a little earlier to arrive at the shoot unrushed and unstressed. We want you to feel as relaxed and energised as possible.

Dogs and Pets

Animals REALLY help to loosen everyone up and make it more fun.
They are part of the family after all.

Please confirm if other family members are attending well in advance. All are welcome.

Family Portraits Clothing

*Dress simply and casually in similar light to mid tones with no busy patterns or logos.

What to Wear

*TIP : Organise clothing a couple of days ahead so you are not rushed on the day of the shoot.
Please pass on to all involved in the shoot.

  • Pale to mid tone colours (all similar tone is best) Neutrals look really great.
  • Bright clothing options can be a good alternative with individual portraits
  • NO patterns
  • NO logos
  • NO new jeans – if in the white studio (unless you are using the black backdrop)
  • NO business shirts
  • NO formal wear
  • BARE feet are preferable
  • Natural makeup to enhance your features
  • Studio is heated to dress light if you wish

Please also Bring

Spare optional clothing in case we need to adjust colours or they get wet during the shoot.
Favourite kids dress ups, ballet outfits etc for younger children.
Plenty of Snacks for kids (sugary ones save for after!)
Encouraged to bring your pets, that won’t take off. This is so fun!

Location shoots


( if raining continuously we can postpone ). If lightly sprinkling we still go ahead as its usually temporary and the light if overcast is lovely and soft. 

Items to bring

Swimmers, towels, sunscreen and changes of clothes for all!
You will probably get wet at the beach, but its a hell of a lot of fun. I promise 🙂
For your dog bring a leash, treats, poo bag.

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