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Born into a family of artists, it’s little wonder Naomi has pursued a life of art.


With a gift for aesthetic composition, intuitive visualization and light. Naomi’s artistic eye continued to develop at 18 when she worked as an artist for Walt Disney Animation. Here she learnt to how to enhance character, structure and movement until moving back to her fine art passions in the visual arts.

Naomi fine art trained at the National Art School in Darlinghurst, discovering a natural flair for expressing human emotion through portraiture and the figure which resulted in an array of exhibitions and exploations in different visual media.

Driven still by the desire to capture the unique beauty and charisma of people, Naomi moved into photography. Beginning as a professional photographer in the beauty industry, Naomi started naomi hamilton photography 20 years ago where she continues to create photography that is highly emotional, spontaneous and often playful but with the sensitivity and integrity of a true artist.

As an experienced portrait photographer and a mother of two, it’s fair to say Naomi has an inside view into the challenges of working with children and adults alike. Relaxed, fun and down to earth in her approach, you will soon be at ease and trust in her creative direction. Naomi’s energy is amazing to watch as she draws out their many faces until… she captures an array of images to just well …. take your breath away.

Fundraising help for our community

As a mother and member of our community that appreciates how fortunate we are to be happy and healthy in this life, now and then we donate to local organisations to help support their communities. If you would like to find out if we can help with your fundraising please contact us to discuss your needs.

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